If Infrared sound like classic thrash metal, that’s because they are! And rightfully so since they were making music as teenagers in the mid to late 80s back when the Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax) were just becoming famous. They literally lived and breathed that scene as it was happening and garnered national attention in Canada through their song and video for Thoughts Caught (in Between). happened and members took different paths and the music, that was hot in the underground metal scene and loved by demo tape traders near and far, went dormant for 27 years! In 2014 Infrared reunited with 3 of the original 4 members (Kirk, Armin, and Alain), and since original bassist Shawn Thompson had moved to Miami, they recruited Mike Forbes. They worked hard to release their first full length album, No Peace, featuring songs written all those years ago. 2018 saw Infrared release their sophomore album, Saviours, featuring 8 new songs coming in at just over 50 minutes of music! That was followed up by  their 2019 EP, Back to the Warehouse featuring the last of their 80's written songs and released as a bridge to their next full length album. Now, in 2021, Infrared release their most mature album yet, From the Black Swamp. The album features 12 songs for one hour of hard hitting and emotionally charged songs steeped in the themes of betrayal and malicious sabotage in all walks of life, from societal to interpersonal.

With several high profile concerts under their belts including opening for Anvil, Sacrifice, Razor, Venom Inc., Dirkschneider, Flotsam and Jetsam, DBC, E-Force, and Atrophy, Infrared raises their horns and looks forward to getting out there to meet and befriend metal lovers everywhere!


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12 brand new songs, 1 hour of metal!

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From the Black Swamp Quotes:

"a perfect thrash metal record which is perfect precisely because it is not PURELY a thrash metal record but it eagerly borrows from traditional metal stylings of the latter history of the aforementioned acts while doing bigger and better things with it, which accounts for the ever elusive melody in thrash metal. In essence, "From The Black Swamp" breathes like an 80s/90s act with the power of XXI-st century technology."

-Eternal Terror

"As a Canadian band that started in the mid-80s, it is impressive that Infrared is still making a serious mark with its latest release. The impeccable studio work and enviable songwriting surely positions this band for great things to come."

-Spilll Magazine

"a ferocious twelve song battering from start to finish - with opener 'Tribal Junction' hitting the ground running, delivering the first of many crushing blows. A blistering old school flavour emanates from 'Tribal Junction', as it savagely cuts and thrusts its way through the airways. The searing pace is face melting, and is actually reined in a little for 'No Masters, No Gods' - but the band increase the brutality level, fairly bludgeoning the senses with a constant pounding. The heavier nature of 'No Masters, No Gods' is in stark contrast to the albums opener, two very different, but instantly likeable styles of thrash metal."

-Frenzy Fire

"Infrared don't hold back as the guitars slice the air as they come out of your speakers, the drums make the ground shake and singer Armin Kamal delivers a powerful vocal performance from beginning to end, not only making you sing along but also drawing you into focusing on the lyrics. He has a style that's kind of harsh and shouted yet clear, making out the lyrics requires very little effort."

-Metal Crypt

"Politically and socially motivated, Infrared take their strong lyrics and aggressively epic song structure to a new level of dynamics and melody, yet staying true to the thrash genre. Always deep in thought, they go beyond death and destruction with varied topics, with a heavy focus on social and interpersonal betrayal and exploitation in an energetic and diverse manner with no set formula, and like master puppeteers command their audience as they sing along with them almost obeying their every command."

-Stargazer Music Magazine

"Bands such as Annihilator, Razor, Rush, and Voivod may have started to make heavy metal in Canada part of the musical culture there but when you add bands like Infrared into the mix, it gets that much better."


"As befits their genre, Infrared stuff their songs with millions of wicked riffs. I’m very happy to hear that Kamal’s production has successfully captured Forbes’ tasteful basslines, a most tricky feat."

-Sleaze Roxx

Back to the Warehouse EP Review Quotes:

"Back To The Warehouse echoes that time when the Big 4 were driving thrash, the likes of Testament, Exodus, and SOD equally making an open inspiration to the tracks within it yet it has a freshness to its particularly individual nostalgia which is not out of place with anything new being cast by current thrashers."

-The RingMaster Review

"As to be expected every song is pure thrash mastery. All the heavy riffs and smoking fast leads are present here as well as amazing vocals. The “Wrathchild” cover is awesome as well with Mike Forbes doing complete justice to the master Steve Harris. The other four songs rip, slam and infiltrate your brain with thrash metal greatness. You will definitely want to pick this gem up and let the moshing and neck breaking headbanging ensue. These guys have proven they deserve a slot in any of the big thrash super tours. So common promoters get your asses in gear and give the metal maniacs what they want!"

-The Diry Room

"Each instrument is well placed in the mix and is crowned by the aggressive, raw and yet melodic voice of Armin. This is old school thrash as it should be.....These guys have a very good hand for songwriting.....Should not be missing in any good thrash collection."

-Nocturnal Hall (Germany)

Saviours Review Quotes:

"The new album is all new thrashtastic songs. Saviors is truly a work of heavy metal art. The guitars are loaded with heavy and fast thrash riffs and the leads are just what the heavy metal doctor ordered. The vocals are raw, heavy yet still melodic and clear......With talk of many of the original thrash Titians either retiring from the road or playing to limited places it seems that a new big four touring package is needed and one can only be put together with a band as fierce and powerful as Infrared in the top spot."

-The Dirty Room

"Saviours has an epic grandoise quality, bordering on classic heavy metal which makes this release a memorable listen. The unified choruses add even more flavour to the musical pallette and highlights the solid vocal attack of Armin Kamal......Check out Saviours and let the radioactive thrash of Infrared penetrate you!"

-The Metal Channel

"The album lit our pleasure from start to finish and Infrared is further proof that very good things can only get better with age."

-The RingMaster Review

"The old school always has a new trick up its sleeve, and this well-established band knows how to bring it better than a good 80 percent of all those eight-stringed newbies."

-Absolute Underground

No Peace Review Quotes:

"For the sound and style, this is one of the top releases over the last year. The style was getting stale with many sound a-likes, now Infrared are here, so pick up your jaw and enjoy this bruiser of an album. "

-Acier Doux Metal Management & Promotions Tunisi

“After sitting down and listening to Infrared’s ‘No Peace’ over a period of days, it’s safe to say that this is a solid thrash metal album that will easily please genre purists. It’s an aggressive offering, but it doesn’t take too many risks, nor does it have to. This band is extremely talented and this album is well worth your money.”

-Metal at the Gates

“At times reminiscent of old school Metallica, sometimes Megadeth, sometimes something else entirely. In short, if you dig 80’s metal you should really give this album a listen. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’m already looking forward to the next.”

-Skull Banger

“No Peace grabs you by the balls from the first power chords of Inframental and doesn’t let up until the final note of In Search Of.”

-Korea Guitar


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